Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know that the birds in the yard are a big part of our lives. Well, we discovered a new one. For about three weeks we've been enjoying (and taking pictures of) a little yellowish bird that we thought was a goldfinch in its winter feathers. Then on a blog about birding that I follow, I saw a video of a Red Crested Kinglet. It looked just like the little bird we had been looking at except that under the smooth feathers on the top of its head were bright red feathers that he would flash every once in a while. I thought that was a little strange that they looked so much alike. Then about two days after I saw the video, the little bird in our yard flipped its tiny red feathers at us. We got so excited, but then I found out they are only here for the winter. I guess we'll just have to enjoy them while we can, right?


meem12 said...

that is a very pretty little bird... thanks for sharing! i got some pictures i will try to share on facebook... if i find out how.

Tamara said...

That is a precious little bird!!