Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Have you ever heard of a Neti-pot? Look it up if you haven't. Pen had to get one for Nick yesterday. He has a sinus infection + the ever present asthma. I'm going to copy two emails she sent last night after "they" (meaning him) used it, except I guess she tried it also.
"For Sale: One Neti-pot with 49 packets of sinus rinse."

When I asked her what happened, this was her response:
"It kind of feels like a controlled drowning:-)
Nick did it! But somehow he got some down his throat. He coughed it up and it was okay. He was laughing and smiling... like a nervous almost hysterical laugh. I said, "Let's do it again" and he got a funny look on his face like NO WAY. And really not a whole lot of "stuff" came out."

As soon as I saw what it was, I could have told her what the results would be! But she has gotten him to do some pretty yuky things in his young life. I'm truly impressed with the way he usually takes his medicine.

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meremere said...

Okay tell Nick that he doesn't have to endure this torture anymore, because Obama signed an executive order specifically related to this. Hehehe.