Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another typical day

Today the boys, Jake 8 and Nick 5, are here. Their mom, our youngest, Pen, is still at school getting ready for the holidays. I say they're here, but actually they're playing with the neighborhood boys. They have a walki talki, and I have one. That way I can check what they're doing. Their mom said it's ok for them to play outside without by being with them since there is only one through street in our neighborhood, and we live at the other end of it. I'm doing a little better with them playing now. I used to sit outside with the walki talki AND a pair of binoculars.

Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving. This year it will be at our middle daughter, HJ's. There are 15 of us all together: Tam, our oldest, and Mark and their son, Jimmy, and their daughter, Madeleine...HJ and Darrell and their sons, Clayland and Joey, and their daughter, Julia...Pen and Rocky and their afore mentioned sons, Jake and Nick. We all live within 15 minutes of each other, and that is the greatest blessing in the world.

I'll discuss Thanksgiving dinner after the fact if I can still get around.