Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have to add a ps to the last blog...

One of the things (I'm just going to call them doctor and nurse from now on. I'm not dizzy anymore, and I can watch tv, play computer games, and walk around without holding on to the wall) the doctor and nurse both emphasized was to drink plenty of water to rehydrate my brain and to FLUSH THE DYE FROM MY BODY. They said to drink plenty of water until MY URINE WAS CLEAR. I was so worried about that that I drank over 20 oz of water during the first hour home. That might not seem like much to a regular "water drinker", but to me it was, "try not to throw up from drinking so much water" seriously.

Well, every time I went to the bathroom, I would check my urine...clear, clear, clear. I was worried. I kept waiting to see some color in the toilet. I didn't know what color the dye was, but I was sure you would be able to see it. Finally about 4 o'clock I called the nurse. In a very patient, but amused voice, she said, "Ms. Causey, the dye is colorless. We meant we wanted your urine to be clear not ...wait for it....yellow from lack hydration".

To make matters worse, my formally beloved husband said, "I didn't know you were waiting to see the dye".

That's it. I'm over the test. Life goes on!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Joys of a Myelogram

A Myelogram, for anyone who doesn't know is:

Myelogram - an ancient torture device brought back to the 21st century to make us appreciate that torture is illegal (unless you happen to find Gitmo).

Actually, it's a test to check spinal blockage by injecting dye into your spine and then taking pictures of it. I got to do this yesterday. The doctor was kinda cute, used a tiny needle and was kind. He could afford to be kind because he had Nurse Ratchet (sp? It's Ratched, I just looked it up) to do the dirty work. She was very pretty, had a sweet little voice, and was the master of pain, well, not so much pain, I guess. I'll let you be the judge.

The doctor injected the dye and left the room, and with her sweet little voice, Nurse Ratchet said, "Ms. Causey, I need you to make three 360 degree turns on this "bed" (it was a platform about three feet wide) so the dye can get sloshed around. If I had known then what I know now, I would have said, "Just stick a chopstick in there and stir it around." Ahh, hindsight.

Now if anyone out there knows me (my daughter, my sister, my niece), you know that I get dizzy at the drop of the proverbial hat. People, it was the last time I walked alone yesterday. I slept with a wet towel pressed to my forehead. I don't know why that helps. Don't misunderstand me, I can lie in the bed all day with the best of them, playing games on my computer, watching TV, eating whatever Jimmy brings me, BUT I couldn't play games, watch TV, or eat! Everything made me dizzy. I STILL can't watch TV or play games. What the hell is that about? Yesterday I couldn't even stand to have Jimmy in the room. The only sound I could really tolerate was (get ready to impressed) a video of Pavarotti singing "Nessum Dorma". I tried a Neil Diamond and a Kid Rock, but no. The only reason I needed some noise in the room is because Maggy, our spoiled brat poodle who sleeps in my room during the day, breathes louder than Jimmy and I put together!

In closing, I don't stay in bed all day very often. Just when things refuse to work correctly.