Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've already apologized to the other person who reads this, so I guess I can continue posting but with less whining. Again, I blame Meredith for the last post.

Today I face the day with new hope...Ok, ok, ok, maybe not "new hope", but at least with a "maybe this will be a better day". Absolutely nothing hurts right now, YAY! And that's enough about that!

Yesterday the boys, Nick 5 and Jake 8, came over after school so their mom could get some planning done in her classroom. It USED to be that they wanted to come over to talk and play cards with us. Now, they barely get in the truck before they start talking about going to play with Tommy, Big Nick (We add Big because of our Nick. Tommy and Big Nick are both in Pen's class at school - 4th grade), Joseph, Jonathan, and Nathan. All of these little boys live within a block of our house.

After about an hour, most of the boys had to go in and do homework, so Jake and Nick came home and visited with Jimmy and me in the back yard. Nick wanted us to video Jake and him. We had a big time videoing them making animal noises. I tried to download it, but I guess it was too big.

It's now 1:54 am, and yesterday was my best day since the shot...YAY, again!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning

Today I got a 4th cortisone shot in my spine for a condition called spondylolistheses. I haven't learned how to pronounce it, in fact, I just learned what it's called. ANYway, the doctors always tell you to monitor your blood sugar (if you're diabetic, and I am) and to call your doctor if it goes up.

Since it never has, I have forgotten what's too high. I couldn't sleep tonight, so about an hour ago I took it. It was 233. Ok, now what? I looked through all of the info they gave me, and all I could find is "if it gets too high". Now, I didn't want to wake up my doctor for no reason, so I called the All Night Nurses that my clinic has. Guess what, they now have a switch board for the nurses. Long story short, I woke up a nurse instead of a doctor. I now wish I had called the doctor. At least they make a lot of money and should to have to wake up during the night for a patient. Sorry nurse.

Now after all of this I need to go to sleep, take it again when I wake up, and call the doctor it it's above 300.

Wow, what a neat entry. Luckily no one reads it except Meredith. Sorry, Meredith, but you're the one who griped at me for not writing anything for a while. This will teach you to encourage me!