Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning

Today I got a 4th cortisone shot in my spine for a condition called spondylolistheses. I haven't learned how to pronounce it, in fact, I just learned what it's called. ANYway, the doctors always tell you to monitor your blood sugar (if you're diabetic, and I am) and to call your doctor if it goes up.

Since it never has, I have forgotten what's too high. I couldn't sleep tonight, so about an hour ago I took it. It was 233. Ok, now what? I looked through all of the info they gave me, and all I could find is "if it gets too high". Now, I didn't want to wake up my doctor for no reason, so I called the All Night Nurses that my clinic has. Guess what, they now have a switch board for the nurses. Long story short, I woke up a nurse instead of a doctor. I now wish I had called the doctor. At least they make a lot of money and should to have to wake up during the night for a patient. Sorry nurse.

Now after all of this I need to go to sleep, take it again when I wake up, and call the doctor it it's above 300.

Wow, what a neat entry. Luckily no one reads it except Meredith. Sorry, Meredith, but you're the one who griped at me for not writing anything for a while. This will teach you to encourage me!

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meremere said...

I would have freaked at 233. I think nurses get paid pretty good too. Hehehehe Hope you can take some naps today and I hope that shot quits angering your spine!