Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funny Story

When I say "funny", I mean funny in 5 to 10 years when I retell it. Right now it's just pretty embarrassing.

ANYway, sometime in the "calm", "restful", time after the second surgery, my upper partial got lost. Yes, I said upper partial got lost. How, you ask. Did you leave it at the hospital? That would be less embarrassing, but no. I didn't take it with me to the hospital the second time. It got lost here at home. I have searched, Jimmy has searched, the girls have searched, but nothing. It was ok when I was stuck in bed, or at least confined to the house. But when I started venturing out in public, it wasn't "cool".

Well, you might say, go get a new one. The problem was that I couldn't sit for very long. Good news, tho. Last week I went in for the impressions, and now I'm just waiting for them to call.

Poor me and Ann (the woman who cut my hair this morning), they didn't get here in time. We had to look at me for 30 minutes in that big honking mirror while I tried not to smile too big. Of course, everything that was said was funny!

Bottom line...if you see me "wobbling" out in public, don't say anything funny. Or if you do, be prepared to think I'm going to a taping of the Jerry Springer Show!