Friday, June 7, 2013

Back again

     Oh my gosh!  I just read one of my last posts about losing my partial.  What a dodo!  Now losing a set of $300 keys with fob... that's a different story. 
     But I am not going to sit here and talk about losing things (not until I lose something new, anyway).
     Let's new surgeries lately. Yay! Oldest grandson heading for Harvard (Jimmy, my husband, says it's hard to start a conversation, or post without mentioning this fact), granddaughter graduated from college (deciding what to do next), grandson starting third year in college, grandson starting first year in college, granddaughter starting junior year in HS, grandson (getting over broken finger and missing basketball games) starting last year in JH, youngest grandson starting last year in ES.
   Is there a pattern here?  Yep.  Surgeries, grandchildren (7 of the little rascals), and education.  It's the best, and every family living within 15 minutes of us, even better.
     Ok, I've worked up a sweat, so I'll sign off.  I realize I'm talking to myself, but let's just see when I post the next entry.

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