Saturday, July 18, 2009

Farm Town

My two youngest grandsons, Jake 9 and Nick 6, have just discovered Farm Town on facebook. I think my youngest granddaughter, Julia 11, introduced them.

I had had some farms a while back to give me something to do when I was spending so much time in bed. But lately I haven't been "tending" them. When Julia started hers, I decided I would get back to mine,so I could send her gifts. If you don't know anything about Farm Town, don't worry. It's just a interactive farm that you can run on facebook. It's fun, tho, especially if there are children in your life that like it.

ANYway, last night Jake was here until 10:30 waiting for his grapes to be ready to harvest. He could have harvested them at home, but he wanted to do it here. It was so much fun watching him check every five minutes or so to see of they were ready and checking how much money he was going to make. I guess I need to mention that he lives 1/2 block from me, so it wasn't a big deal that he was here so late.

I love grandkids!!!!

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Meredith said...

That's so cute! I was doing that once with the raspberries...I think they take 8 hours. Probably it wasn't as cute when I did it!