Monday, February 2, 2009

Cross your fingers

Well, tomorrow Tam, HJ, and I go to get the third opinion from another spine guy. In case one of my MANY, MANY readers doesn't know the story...Sometime during my long and happy life (while I was apparently not paying attention) the little bones that interlock to keep my spine in place took a long vacation and allowed one of my unruly vertebrae to escape to a place where it can come and go as it pleases. The nerves (jealous of that freedom, I suppose) throw big fits when the vertebra barely touches them. I know this because every time they touch, I feel it. One of the "fun" parts is that there is different pain and different locations depending on the nerve that is aggravated. The truly frustrating part is that the pain is unpredictable.

Take tonight, for example. I was in bed for a couple of hours earlier in the evening, and now I can get up with very little pain. That means I can finish my washing and fix my dinner (what Jimmy and I eat at night is a VERY lose interpretation of the word "dinner", but at our ages...). Last night Jimmy had to bring me something to the bed. Sometime we can go to lunch, and sometime we have to turn around and go back home.

The reason for the third opinion is that one surgeon told me that my bones were too soft to hold the screws, and a second surgeon said he could do it. The man I'm going to see tomorrow is Dr. Kurt Von Rueden. He sounds important and smart, right?

I'll let my MANY, MANY readers what he says tomorrow.


meremere said...

Fingers crossed here! Love your description of the body parts. Put the ones throwing tantrums in time out. It works so well on little d...NOT! Also you are welcome anytime at a workshop. Knee has a couch you can use ifen you want. ;)

meem12 said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you now and the day of the surgery!

love you sis