Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas cards

Today is actually the 22.

Getting back to those Christmas cards...I saw an example of the candy cane a couple of years ago, and only had some tiny rick rack (ric rac ?) and only one color, black. When it looked like you know what, I said to myself, "Myself," I said, "the only reason that it's hard to do and looks so crappy is because the rick rack is tiny and black."

Then without another thought about them, I decided the first week of December that I was going to make the canes for my cards. Long story, short...Yes, the color looked good, but they were very hard to make, and they were VERY time consuming. Those little suckers twisted up and flipped around even after I glued them. I did like the final outcome, but next year the card is going to be a lot simpler. And if anyone actually does read this, PLEASE remind me about the "simpler" cards the second week of next Dec!

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